Thursday 17 November 2011

Christmas Is Coming To Town

Christmas feeling came to me unbelievably early this year. I am playing with various yarns to make small Christmas trees to hang on the actual Christmas tree, put under nice hot mug of tee or mulled wine, or send as season greeting to someone dear.

If you would like to make your own hand knitted Christmas tree, this is how to do it:

You will need:
  • About 13m DK or worsted weight yarn (but you can use any yarn as it will affect only the size of motif).
  • 3.5mm needles. I used double pointed bamboo needles, but again, use whatever needles you like
  • Tapestry needle to weave in ends
  • Crochet hook (optional to make crocheted tie)

Finished Christmas tree measurements:
About 10cm/4" wide and tall in DK weight yarn

K = knit
P = purl
RS = right side
WS = wrong side
k2tog = knit two together
CO = cast-on

1. Cast on 21 sts. I used Long Tail Cast-On method but it really doesn't matter which method you are using as long as you have working yarn at the beginning of the right side of work to start Row 1. The cast-on bumps (like as for purl stitches) should face wrong side and neat chain should be at right side. If you don't have working yarn on right and chain on right side of your work after cast-on, knit one extra row before starting to follow instructions (as I had to do with Long Tail Cast-On method used).
Long Tail Cast-On (RS)
Long Tail Cast-On (WS). Knit one row to start with RS on Row 1.

2. Start knitting your Christmas tree in garter stitch. You have to knit all rows. To shape Christmas tree you have to knit together two last stitches of every row.

Beginning of Row 1 (RS)

Note: Make sure you knit neat edge. Slip the first stitch (selvedge stitch) without knitting as if to knit and then leave working yarn between 1st and 2nd stitch of the row. Do so in all rows except where mentioned otherwise in pattern.

Selvedge stitch
Selvedge stitch edge
So the bottom part of your tree is knitted as follows:
Row 1 (RS): K21
Row 2: (WS): K19, k2tog

Row 3: K18, k2tog

Work at the end of Row 3 (RS)
Row 4: K17, k2tog
Row 5: K16, k2tog
Row 6: K15, k2tog
Row 7: K14, k2tog
Row 8: K13, k2tog
Row 9: K12, k2tog
Row 10: K11, k2tog
Row 11: K10, k2tog
Row 12: K9, k2tog

Note: Knit all k2tog stitches loosely.

3. Start shaping the middle part of tree:
Work at the beginning of Row 13 (RS)

Row 13 (RS): K8, k2tog, CO 5 sts. Use E-Loop Cast-On method.

End of Row 13 (RS)
Beginning of Row 14 (WS)
Row 14: K1 (selvedge st), P4, K7, k2tog, CO5 sts. Use E-Loop Cast-On.
Row 14 (WS): Knit selvedge stitch
Row 15: K16 (incl. selvedge st), k2tog

Work at the end of Row 15 (RS)
Row 16: K15, k2tog
Row 17: K14, k2tog
Row 18: K13, k2tog
Row 19: K12, k2tog
Row 20: K11, k2tog
Row 21: K10, k2tog
Row 22: K9, k2tog
Row 23: K8, k2tog
Row 24: K7, k2tog

4. Start to knit top of the tree:
Work at the beginning of Row 25 (RS)
Row 25: K6, k2tog, CO3. Use E-Loop Cast-On.
Row 26: K1 (selvedge st), P2, K5, k2tog, CO3. Use E-Loop Cast-On.
Row 27: K10 (incl. selvedge st), k2tog
Row 28: K9, k2tog
Row 29: K8, k2tog
Row 30: K7, k2tog
Row 31: K6, k2tog
Row 32: K5, k2tog
Row 33, K4, k2tog
Row 34: K3, k2tog
Row 35: K2, k2tog
Row 36: K1, k2tog
Row 37: K2tog

Pull yarn through the last stitch in the length of tie to hang it and fix knot around it. You can also do crochet chain tie.
Fix knot around tie
Weave in the ends and lightly block. Now your Christmas tree is ready for decorations - let your imagination go wild :)
Below are few of decorated Christmas trees. Kids love doing that :)

Check out Ravelry projects:


  1. You make it look so easy:) I appreciate the tip on how to achieve that neat edge look. I wonder if these little ornaments could be starched to give a little more structure?

    1. You could always make 2 and sew them together with a little stuffing inside.

  2. It is easy ;)

    You could starch those ornaments as it is done with crocheted ornaments but I have never done that. Don't know how that would work with knitting. To add firmness and structure I would probably go down the size of needles. Just play a bit with your tension/gauge swatch until you get knitted fabric you are happy with.

    1. i wonder if you could stitch 2 together and maybe even stuff them a little, this might give them a little more body.

  3. Cute little project- thank you for sharing♥


  4. Das ist eine wundervolle Idee und schnell fertig!
    Vielen Dank für die Anleitung!
    LG Silke

  5. ferby, it wasn't easy for me till i saw pictures :D if o have to read and try to make it, that it's difficult for me :D Thank you for fantastic idea!

  6. Love the Christmas tree! I'm afraid even with your wonderful photos and instructions, I'm all thumbs when it comes to knitting! Glad to have found your blog - -

    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  7. Thanks for your nice comments. I'm glad this project is useful or at least inspiring.

  8. Thank you so much for this pattern and instructions! I have been searching for an easy ornament pattern because I've only been knitting for 5 months. I posted a picture of my finished ornament in - that's the third one I've made! The perfect little gift!

  9. Just saw your ornament in Ravelry - it looks really cute! Well done :)

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  11. Choinka jest przesliczna.Juz taka sobie zrobilam i ozdobilam perelkami.
    Dziekuje za pomysl.
    Ewa z Polski

  12. Thank you! :) Merry Christmas!

  13. This one I must make !

    Thank you so much for sharing :)

  14. This is perfect for that Red/Green/Gold multi-colored christmas yarn that you will never use for anything else! It is really cute :)

  15. Do you have a pdf for this pattern that I can print?

  16. Thank you. Do you hot glue on the ornaments?

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  18. This pattern is so precious! I included a link to it in a blog post a few years ago. Would you be willing to let me use one of your photos on my blog? I'd credit you, of course. Thank you!

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  20. Love it! Just wondered though, what is selvedge stitch and does it matter if I use normal knit? This is from a beginner by the way...

    1. Hi new knitter! The selvedge stitch is not strictly necessary, but it will give your work a cleaner, smoother edge - basically instead of a bunch of bumps, it will be nice and smooth. It is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. There's a good video here ( if you're having trouble with it!
      Happy Stitching!

    2. Oh sorry and to answer the first part of your question - a selvedge stitch is an extra stitch on the end used to make a clean edge. This pattern wants you to slip the first stitch knit-wise (put it on your needle like you're going to knit it but then just slide it off onto the second needle) in every row except where indicated (the two rows where it says to knit the selvedge stitch). You only have to do this at the beginning of the row; at the end, you just knit it like normal. Many patterns will say "sl1, k to end [slip 1, knit to end]" to mark a selvedge stitch.
      Hope this helps!

  21. I absolutely love this pattern! My roommate saw me knitting one and requested one immediately. :) I have knit three plain so far with green variegated yarn (which looks so nice and makes them look unique!) and one with "ornaments" in the form of beads knit into the tree (I slid them on beforehand). Thank you so much for this pattern, again I love it!

  22. has anyone tried to make this in a smaller size? i’m not knowledgeable enough to know how to cut down the amount of stitches and still make it work :) love the pattern...thanks!!

  23. Very cute pattern. Thank you!