Monday, 22 August 2011

Cranberry red cabled vest

I just love this pattern. I like to knit it and I like the fabric it creates. Star stitch pattern itself is my recent times favourite and cables are always nice to knit and look at.

I still plan to make pattern notes and put together charts for cables. Haven't got anywhere further than some chart designing at the moment. I won't have time to deal with it for another couple of weeks but I really hope to make .pdf then and put it available here.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hair bow in pink

By request I made this hair bow. Did crocheted square and tied with crochet chain and joined at the back on three strands of crocheted chains. Pink and girly is all that matters to a 2 year old.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Obsession with details and re-knitting

I hate details and love them at the same time. It's unbelievable how much time I am able to spend on such simple things as sewing in zipper or choosing, selecting, arranging and sewing buttons. I like to do that but I wish I could take those things easier.

Another issue is re-knitting. While knitting I continuously improve the piece in my head. Often those thoughts about ways how this or that could have been done better become impossible to ignore. The only option then is to frog back and knit from the start (or middle if I'm lucky).

I ripped back about 15cm of the dress knitted in the round (5 yr size) only because I thought ssk would look nicer than k2tog tbl. That part looks as this now instead of zig zag k2tog tbl would create.

I often knit and sort of design as I go along. Sometimes (if not always) I have knitted pretty large piece until I realized I had to do something different (usually at the very beginning). For this top I knitted, ripped back and re-knitted again cabled yoke part several times until got cable allocation and proportions as I wanted.

I knitted hood for this cardigan once and was not satisfied how increases in side parts turned out. At first I had done them symmetrically and in the centre of hood side sections. Ripped back and started again with increase lines allocated closer to the outer part on the each side of the hood. Then to finish hood with sideways knitted edge I had to do it three times until it looked smooth enough. Too many slipped and knitted together stitches and too many techniques to choose from. I guess I could have knitted another cardigan in the time I devoted to hood improvements :)