Monday, 27 June 2011

Unfinished projects

A couple of years ago when I started a project, I finished it and then moved to the next. These days unfortunately I am having on average 5 to 10 things on my needles. Probably I just have too many needles :) Some of those projects quite certainly will not be finished. Some will never be worn. Here are some pictures.

1. Cabled vest. I don't really like its bulky yarn and this colour is not mine either.

 2. Cotton top in lace for me. Yarn and colour is quite nice. It is actually more denim than in pictures. I am not a lace person (don't know what came into my mind when I started this top) but I don't want to transform it in some wearable dress for my daughter either. Top was once finished but I didn't like edging and bands. Frogged and put in a pile under bed :)

3. Crocheted cotton summer hat. I don't like hats but I hoped this one would become loved. Well, it didn't. I have not worn it even once.

4. Surprise cardigan. I run out of kid mohair yarn so I could not finish one sleeve properly and didn't knit hood. Nevertheless, I sewed in a zipper and was wearing it last winter. Recently I bought another zipper which matched colourway better. Took the old one off and here is the current stage: 2 zippers, none in the cardi, no hood, no yarn. I would love to finish this one.

5. Leg warmers to match with this tunic dress. My dear little girl is refusing to put them on so there is really no point to keep them in drawer. Probably should unravel and knit something else instead.


  1. I seem to have so many projects on the needles or hibernating. I have a severe case of cast-on-itis where I just want to keep casting on!! I'm hoping to (eventually) have an "Out of Hibernation" month where I finish everything on my needles and not cast on anything else!

    One day....

  2. Exactly! I really shouldn't start anything new but new projects seem much more exciting than the ones hibernating.