Friday, 2 September 2011

Sea breeze summer cardigan

Small summer short sleeved cardigan. I knitted it sideways in short rows with organic cotton.


  1. Hi Ferby
    I wonder, do you have a written pattern - it is such a lovely cardi to dream of while it's cold outside here in Denmark.
    Love Dorte

  2. Hi Dorte,

    Thanks for your comment :) I didn't use any pattern and I haven't written one for this cardi.

    It is a rather simple construction if you want to give a try. Cast on length of cardigan (that will be one of front bands). Knit sideways mixing eyelets, garter stitch and contrasting colours. To add shape I knitted short rows to about half of the length now and then. Divided underarm and upper sleeve. Knitted sleeve with lots of short rows to add volume. Underarm was straight knitting about half of the width as for sleeve, then I joined both parts together and knitted back of cardi till the other sleeve, which was knit the same way.

    I tried cardigan on several times as I was knitting. Didn't make any calculations or notes just adjusted design along with knitting so unfortunately I can't recall any numbers. Can't measure it either because it was a gift and is given away.

    Still I hope that helps a bit. Good luck welcoming spring and summer, it's not long after Christmas there will be first signs of warm season coming! :)