Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Stripey contiguous jacket

Of course, I had to try this new top-down construction. Top-down or bottom-up raglans so far are the seamless methods I mostly use although those set certain limitations to designs. So I was keen to find another way to knit seamlessly. I really liked contiguous method, in spite of the first not-so-successful jacket I made using this method. I should have done some more serious calculations before starting, especially regarding sleeve increases. As always, urge to start project was stronger than fear to face mistakes afterwards.

Ah, and this project is made with recycled yarn. I frogged my wool blend mittens, hat and scarf set to reuse the yarn. I realized I wouldn't have ever worn those again and colours were just right for my little miss wardrobe.

Traditional run-away shot at the end of pictures ;)

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