Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Yay! Something got finished!

I have finished my cowl. Other WIPs I showed earlier are very close to finish too but I have to weave in ends and find matching buttons which I suspect will not be that easy. Will post photos when finished properly.

I must admit the cowl turned out to be not a very successful project. I designed it as I was knitting along and it is a simple triangle shawl joined midway and then knitted in the round. It is warm and cosy and somewhat versatile and easy to wear. But I just don't feel the love for it. Might think of something else to use this yarn for as it is such a gorgeous moss green colour.

Also posting some autumn leaves just because they are beautiful. Its lovely season here at the moment apart from being freezing cold. Warm knits come just in time.



  1. I love that green too. And Madelinetosh?!? Doesn't make you want to sqoooosh it. Love that yarn! :) BTW, the pink WIP is looking gorgeous.

    Just a question, do you normally design on the needles? I'm struggling with the idea of needing to have a fully written out pattern, then correct as I knit. Problem is, I can get bored/tired/frustrated before I even cast on. Designing as you go sounds so... liberating and scary to me! :)

  2. Thank you Melissa.

    Yep, I normally design on the needles. Usually it involves some frogging back and re-knitting. I change my mind, figure out better way to design or make mistakes. I am not very good at following instructions. I even can't cook according to recipe without making modifications.

    If you are not afraid of making mistakes and facing continuous challenges to make decisions about knitting on/frogging back, you'll be fine. It's a lot of fun and for me more inspiring than knitting according to pattern (which, I admit, is possibly a quicker way to get things done).