Friday, 1 June 2012

Entrelac dress

I love Entrelac technique. Have used it in few projects but those were in my pre-Ravelry and pre-Blogger era. That means no notes, project photos or even finished garment photos were properly taken.

This dress was made a while ago and was waiting for its photo session. Here are the photos, finally.



  1. Followed a link from Sezza Knits' blog and thought I'd say hi. That dress looks amazing, I've not tried entrelac yet aside from a quick swatch but you work is very inspiring :-)

  2. un šito pieķeksējam klāt mīļāko kleitu topam ;)

  3. I like your dress. Been meaning to try entralac, maybe as a hat though. I knit slowly and think it would take me months to finish a sweater. So I stick to hats, stuffed animals, and other small projects.