Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Evolution of the Butterfly Cardigan

I just realized I hadn't shared the history of butterfly cardigans here. As I have some kind of creative crisis right now I might as well put the pictures of butterflies way back then and now. Nevertheless I hope soon my mojo returns and I will have some new ideas to share.

2008. First cardigan with butterflies. Obviously I was not into taking good photo shots then.

2010. Butterfly cardigan #2 meant to replace #1. My daughter didn't like it for whatever reasons. It is made from really nice organic cotton in lovely blue colour with a touch of purple. I am looking for loving new owner or if noone claims it I shall keep it for couple of years until my youngest has grown up to the size.

2011. Another #2 which is really loved by my daughter. It is almost her uniform to preschool in these chilly days :)

 2011. #3 or #4 :) Tested how it looked with no hood and with short sleeves. More pictures and info in this post.

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