Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My first attempt to dye yarn

This is definitely not a tutorial how to dye yarn. Rather notes about what not to do :)

Skein before dyeing. I actually had 4 skeins and I dyed them all at once. That is one thing you definitely should not do! My skeining skills are almost non-existant and I somehow failed to read and follow info on Google, how to do that properly. There is an excellent information about dyeing and also skeining.
This is yarn pot heating and first portion of yarn already taken out. I was aiming to make semi-solid browns, so idea was to take bit by bit gradually out of colouring and get one end of skein light and the other one much darker with all kinds of shades in middle.

Rinsing. No bleeding at all. Maybe I did not use enough colouring.

Today we had windy and cold day. Not good for outdoor activities but magical for skeins to dry. It took just about 1h and yarn was ready to be wounded into balls.

My 4yo arrived home this afternoon. My already far from neat skeins suffered even more.

Ball wounded. Surprising that skeins were not that tangled as one could think judging by looks and wounding was rather easy.
Sample knitted. Instead of semi solid I have got self striping yarn. Eh.

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